24 May 2017

The scheme of Confederation shows clearly that the English race have in this, as in every other instance, been favored, to the detriment of the French element.

Maurice Laframboise,
Member of the Legislative Assembly, Province of Canada / Que.
09 Mar 1865
23 May 2017

…the question arises, how is it best to treat with Indians whenever their rights of property will interfere with the opening up of the country… That the Indians consider themselves "Lords of the Soil," is evident… However, with a view of protecting those who may be attracted to this rich and fertile region, in search of either mineral or agricultural wealth, a large and comprehensive treaty will be found necessary.

James Alexander Grant,
MP, Ontario
28 May 1869
22 May 2017

When we feel we are one people—when we have a national sentiment—when we can present a united population of four millions of people animated by the same interests and affections, we shall have a guarantee of security and prosperity that we cannot have now.

Henry A.N. Kaulback,
Member of the Legislative Assembly, N.S.
16 Apr 1866
21 May 2017

It is our chiefs, our young men, our children and great grandchildren, and those that are to be born, that I represent here, and it is for them I ask for terms. The white man has robbed us of our riches, and we don't wish to give them up again without getting something in their place.

Manitou Rapids First Nations Chief
01 Oct 1873
20 May 2017

If we do not take advantage of the time, if we show ourselves unequal to the occasion, it may never return, and we shall hereafter bitterly and unavailingly regret having failed to embrace the happy opportunity now offered of founding a great nation under the fostering care of Great Britain, and our Sovereign Lady, Queen Victoria. (Loud cheers, amidst which the honorable gentleman resumed his seat).

John A. Macdonald,
Attorney General West, Conservative Leader, Canada / Ont.
06 Feb 1865
19 May 2017

The French Canadians were an impulsive race, and he thought it very wrong for a writer or a speaker to attempt to raise a disturbance in the East as well as in the West. They were French Canadians, but they were also British subjects (cheers), and were as much British, even if not more so, than the British, (cheers). car

Sir George-Étienne Cartier,
Minister of Militia and Defence
21 Feb 1870
18 May 2017

Any fool can cry down but it is the part of a wise man to build up.

James Gray Stevens,
Member of the Legislative Assembly, N.B.
28 Jun 1866
17 May 2017

I am not going to be greatly moved either by the argument that we must restore intact our island sovereignty or there will be those who will turn over in their graves. If my great-grandfather wants to turn over in his grave because we want to hear both sides of the story, that's entirely the business of his revered shade. If those who were giants in his day and theirs want to join in his macabre gymnastics, that is entirely their own business.

William Joseph Keough,
Member of Nfld National Convention
29 Oct 1946
16 May 2017

I fearlessly assert that the Confederation of the British North American Provinces has taken no strong hold of the public mind of Canada. It never was demanded, and I believe as certainly as that I am now speaking, that if this matter were submitted to the people, and fully understood by them, they would reject it.

Joseph Rymal,
Member of the Legislative Assembly, Province of Canada / Ont.
10 Mar 1865
15 May 2017

I do not think that the member for East Grey is a very profound thinker or a great orator; I do not think he himself would lay claim to be either; but there is one thing for which I am willing to give him the palm, that is, that he is a consummate actor.

Napoléon Antoine Belcourt,
MP, Ontario
05 Mar 1905